Are you ready to discover how to heal, move forward, and grow with grief?

How I can support you

1:1 Coaching

I'll partner with you to assess where you are along your grief and spiritual journey, where you hope to get to, and together, we'll start out on the path to get you there.

30 mins of Voxer Support

You get 30 minutes of my support via the Voxer app, which allows us to communicate via text and voice messages. Talking to someone who has experienced loss also can make a huge difference in your ability to understand and process your own grief.

Grief Meditation

When your loved one crossed over, was there something left unsaid? Do you yearn to know if they are ok on the other side? Or do you simply wish to connect with them again? This guided meditation was created to help you bridge the distance of space and time, and connect with the Spirit of your loved one.

6 Needs of the Grieving Journaling Guide

This downloadable PDF journaling guide contains prompts for all of the needs in David Kessler's Six Needs of the Grieving Framework, plus an integration page.

Healing with Grief Course

For those who want a self-study option, this will be the first course in a three course series to support you in going from healing, to moving forward, to growing with grief.

Group Coaching Program

For those who want a more affordable, live coaching option, this will be an 8-week opportunity to learn and grow with others who are also on a spiritual path

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Imagine feeling hopeful again

After losing your loved one, you can feel hopeless a lot of the time, and it's hard to imagine ever looking forward to the future with excitement once more.

Working together, we can work on accepting and healing the most painful parts of your grief.

This is courageous work: it means being open to fully experiencing the pain and allow it to move through you. The reward of this difficult step is finally being able to move forward with grief -- and hope.

Imagine enjoying life again

Remember when your good days outnumbered the bad? Right now, it's hard to believe life can be good again.

Once you're feeling hopeful again, we can work on moving forward. By now you'll have realized the grief will never fully go away, and we need to make space for it in our lives so we can stop resisting it and move forward with it.

Imagine life taking on new meaning

Feeling passionate about life again may seem like a pipe dream right now, but please know it is possible. You just need to do your work first.

Once you've stopped resisting the grief, made space for it, and are moving forward with it -- even slowly -- we can start envisioning what the next chapter of your life could look like. What are your unfulfilled dreams? What lights you up now? Do you feel called to do something different?

In this stage of your grief process, we're focused on personal growth. You feel stronger and more confident because you've seen some shit and you know you can handle it. You're resilient and feel ready to tackle something new. This can be an exciting time!

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself built against it.

~ Rumi



You'll receive a PDF with tons of resources such as books, podcasts, and websites to support you on both your grief and spiritual journeys.


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