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Anita Ramirez

spiritual life & grief coach

Are you wondering how to move forward with your grief?

Let's face it: when you lose a loved one, you don't "get over" grief. Your work is to accept the loss and learn how to move forward with the grief.

With me, you'll discover a 3-step process to help you heal from the loss, move forward with the grief, and then grow from it in ways you never thought possible.

I will support and empower you to practice radical acceptance, fierce self-compassion, and trust your inner knowing as you envision a new way of life that makes space for grief.

You're not alone anymore. I'm walking this journey with you.


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

No awake spirit can move through this world without enduring a broken heart. There is nothing real that makes life painless. Accepting the pain of living, knowing one's heart will — and should — be broken, is the beginning of wisdom.

~ David Wolpe


Anita is an excellent coach. She listens and provides space for her client to reflect. She asks powerful coaching questions which create awareness of various perspectives that provide clarity in ensuring that you reach the results you’re seeking. She’s supportive and engaging.

Jennifer F.

Bold, Vivid, Encouraging. Anita is highly empathic and comes with strong intuition. She provides challenge at the appropriate times and opens up whole new perspectives.

Sylvia L.

It was such a pleasure to work with Anita. She has a calm and empathetic style which helped quickly build rapport and establish a safe and trusting space for the coaching. I very much looked forward to our sessions together and Anita really helped me to grow in ways that were effective and grounded in my own approach and beliefs.

Nicola K.

Anita’s coaching was the most helpful I’ve ever experienced! She inspired me to take steps that have truly made a difference in my life and greatly eased my stress. Anita is warm, bright and gets right to the heart of things, which I really appreciate. I would recommend her coaching without hesitation.

Alisa M.

Anita is a great coach. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and an intentional listener. She held space for me to explore different topics – some at times emotional – and she maintained that space throughout. She has a number of resources at her disposal and was helpful in offering what she thought might be in alignment with me. She herself is grounded solidly which helped me recenter when need be and I always ended the session with what I was hoping to walk away with.

Cheryl M.


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